Patrols & Response

Priority Response

‘Priority Response’ is a process developed by Law Enforcement and Security Dispatch Teams. It means that a Video Verified Alarm is seen as a crime in progress and Police can be immediately dispatched to the scene.

iDetect Security Solutions are drastically more effective than other products on the market because it utilises the Priority Response Process.

The evidence shows that iDetect:
– Has reduced theft on our Customers sites.
– Has saved our Customers money.
– Has demoralised criminal attitudes to burglaries of homes and construction sites.
– Is a cost effective solution to protecting your assets.
– Plays a significant role in ensuring your life is not effected by crime.
– Has raised the security standards throughout Australia.

iDetect’s Patrol and Response Service, whether used for public safety or to protect environments, provides a critical solution in crime prevention.

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