Our Success

Stay tuned for more arrests news coming soon…

Successful Arrest

Thanks to our iDetect Intruder Detection system and the rapid response from our Response Guards, Police successfully detained yet another potential thief!

Another Successful Deterrence

Potential offender deterred by our Intruder Detection System. Fled the site upon hearing the siren.

Another Successful Arrest

Our iDetect systems are infallible. This guy had broken in a few times over the past couple of weeks and was smashing into the vending machines on site. We had the Intruder Detection System installed and he attempted to move the camera which then went into tamper, this triggering the control room to send Police to site. The police chased down the intruder onsite and took him into custody.

Channel 9 News

Prank on construction worker

Life isn’t all work and no play. Our cameras are always watching, catching all the serious, criminal and of course funny moments on your site.

Damage Control

Need to identify an incident onsite? Need evidence for you insurance company? We’ve got eyes everywhere, enquire to get your iview now!

iDetect - A better way to protect

iDetect, a better way to protect. Large or small we have the capabilities to protect your assists and the things that mean the most to you.