Construction Security


iDetect’s CCTV surveillance iView is a fully solar powered and wireless system. The iView allows you to view your jobsites live anywhere anytime. The iView can also be used as a site management tool to identify any potential OH&S risks or accidents. The iView camera can be reviewed and see past events by selecting times and dates.

Intruder Detection

Everything you treasure should be protected when you are not around. Our trained consultants can run you through a range of alarms, perimeter detection solutions and duress systems. Whether its wired or wireless, mains powered or a solar solution there is a system that will protect the things you love. Once we have installed a solution, iDetect can monitor your home or business 24/7.

Guard Services

iDetect provide fully trained and highly visible uniformed security officers, who deliver a service that the client requires.  Services included internal and external roving patrols of a client’s site or premises, providing detailed reporting identifying any security threats, damage, vandalism or health and safety threats.

Patrol Response

iDetect provides marked security vehicles which can administer random inspections of a clients unattended assets.  All patrol vehicles are in constant communication with our control room, providing efficient responses to alarm and duress activations, utilising technology for navigation and reporting.