– Jamie Duggan | State Operations Manager, Fraser Property

Frasers Property Australia have been utilising the security services of i-Detect for the past 4 years in the way of static guards on site, regular after hours patrols on site as well as security cameras and alarms. These services have been utilised in multiple high crime locations and as a result, we have eliminated theft and damage from our construction sites. As a cohesive team, the camera and static guard services combine to provide a faultless operation with great success.

The guards are always onsite on time for their shifts, and will clarify any information that is required to be communicated prior to the shift. Alan Curtis never fails to provide the static guard service at short notice and goes above and beyond to ensure we

are happy with the services of his guards. Alan always makes himself reachable no matter the time of day, which gives me confidence knowing that I can call on his services whether it be a static guard or a site patrol to attend the site should I receive a notification from the camera service notifying me of an intruder to site.

Frasers Property Australia will continue to utilise the services of i-detect for many years to come, and can’t recommend them enough.