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iView Security Camera System


Choose a security solution that’s designed to protect your business, your way. iDetect’s iView is a portable 4G-enabled wireless CCTV security camera that enables greater flexibility in how you secure your asserts. Battery-powered and using a high-speed 4G module to transfer video, it’s a completely wireless, portable, modular solution that allows you to tailor your security system to your precise needs.

The iView:

– Reduces theft on our customers sites.
– Records video activities to the iView Cloud for future reference.
– Allows time lapse recordings of site construction activities.
– Is a proven deterrent to criminal activity on your site.

Make the smarter choice for your property and discover how iView wireless CCTV security cameras could enhance the safety of your staff, your customers and your assets.

The perfect choice in onsite cameras


Apart from keeping your business safe, iView doubles as an effective site management tool, allowing management and other stakeholders greater visibility and control over the operations of their jobsite. Whether you’re in construction, manufacturing or any other commercial or industrial pursuit, iView gives you the ability to better monitor and manage your people and assets.

iDetect’s iView can:

  • Monitor activities onsite.
  • Monitor and manage site deliveries.
  • Assist with OH&S site issues.
  • Provide access to users through our iView Application.

iDetect’s iView is a cost-effective solution to managing and protecting your site. A completely wireless and highly portable CCTV camera system that can be affixed wherever you need it, it’s the ideal choice for businesses such as construction that by their very nature can’t install permanently mounted security cameras on their jobsite. Combined with an effective intruder alarm system, you have a complete solution for protecting against unwanted intrusion. If you’re looking to provide the protection your team and your assets deserve, look no further than the iView security camera from iDetect.

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If you’re interested in finding out more about the iView – including how it can play a key part in a comprehensive security system – speak to the team at iDetect today. Call us on 1300 130 125 or send us your questions via our enquiry form and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.


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